We just love it when our students get creative and thank us with their art! This work was created for us by four year old, Claudia, and two year old, Alanna, dedicated to Cheryl, Stephanie and Sydney.

Swimming is not just a physical sport, it is an activity that helps the brain develop too. There is a very definite and specific link between swimming and the development of creativity. Research has found that problem-solving tends to come most easily when our minds are unfocused, and while we’re exercising. Swimming provides joy and a sense of well-being so extreme that it becomes at times a sort of ecstasy. The body is engaged in full physical movement, but the mind itself floats, unattached to anything but the present moment. Beyond this, swimming teaches you to appreciate the benefits of sensory solitude and the equilibrium that being in water can bring to your life. Not only does swimming enhance creativity, another face to the subject is that the very act of swimming could be an artistic expression in itself.

More creative expression in the world can hardly be a bad thing, so maybe that’s another reason for some of us to swim!

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