Red Cross Swim Kids is a 10-level program designed for children 6 and older (majority of the swimmers complete all levels by age 12, depending on the frequency of enrolment).  Continuous evaluation is used for swimmers to progress through the levels and help swimmers develop all six swim strokes (front crawl, back crawl, elementary backstroke, breast stroke, butterfly and sidestroke). Swim strokes are built throughout the levels, using solid, proven progressions with a focus on drills and distance. Swimmers will learn how to be safe around the water, and increase their fitness levels and endurance through fun activities. Children will be challenged to achieve personal bests in distance and time, which will be a strong motivator through all 10 levels. Skills and water safety throughout the program are targeted to each age group, with an increased focus on staying active and in the water.

Aqua Kids instructors are taught to use an individualized approach to teaching, which means they target feedback and practice opportunities to the individuals’ learning needs. Instructors also use progressive learning in their lesson planning which focuses on how each swimmer will learn at a different rate and through different techniques. If you are unsure which level is right for your child, Click here to inquire or call (905) 886-2322.

Class Duration:  45 minutes

ProgramNumber of ClassesClass RatioFeeRegistration
Red Cross Swim (Preschool & Kids)7/83:1$262.50/$300.00Click here to register
Semi-Private Lessons7/82:1$441.00/$504.00Click here to register
Private Lessons7/81:1$532.00/$610.00Click here to register
Red Cross Swim (Preschool & Kids)103:1$375.00Click here to register
Semi-Private Lessons102:1$630.00Click here to register
Private Lessons101:1$762.50Click here to register


No previous swim experience required. Children must be at least 6 years old. This level provides an orientation to water and the pool area. Swimmers are introduced to floats, glides, flutter kick (assisted) and shallow water entries/exits. Children will build their endurance by improving distance, and can swim 5 metres upon completion of this level. Click here to view our schedules.


This level builds on previous skills in front and back swimming. Children are introduced to deep water activities and proper use of a PFD. Endurance is built on flutter kicking with assisted glides. Swimmers learn front and back glide with flutter kick, develop front swim, complete deep-water activities (assisted) and swim 10 metres continuously. Click here to view our schedules.


The level provides an introduction to front crawl as well the foundation for making wise choices about where and when to swim. Diving is introduced and children will work on floats and changing direction. Swimmers increase their endurance and distance on front and back glide with flutter kick, perform flutter kick unassisted, wear a PFD in deep water, float in deep water, and swim 15 metres continuously. Click here to view our schedules.


Swimmers further develop the front crawl, back glide and shoulder roll for back crawl. Children work on kneeling dives, surface support and developing a greater sense of self-safety by understanding their own limits. Endurance is built through a 25 meter swim.Click here to view our schedules.


Swimmers develop front crawl (15m), learn back crawl (15m) and whip kick on back, learn stride dive and treading water, perform head-first sculling on back, and develop endurance through dolphin kick and a 50 metre continuous swim.


Swimmers increase their distance on front and back crawl (25m), learn elementary back stroke (15m), learn dolphin kick, tread water in deep water, perform front dive, and swim 75 metres continuously. Children are also introduced to safety on ice, elementary rescue of others with throwing assists. Click here to view our schedules.


Swimmers increase their distance on front and back crawl (50m) and elementary back stroke (25m), learn front scull, perform whip kick on front and dolphin kick, learn stride entry and swim 150 metres continuously. Children also learn about airway and breathing obstructions and participate in timed treading water to increase endurance. Click here to view our schedules.


Swimmers are introduced to breast stroke (15m), increase their distance on front and back crawl (75m) and elementary back stroke (25m), learn eggbeater/tread water, as well as perform feet-first surface dive and standing shallow dive. Endurance and distance is built through dolphin kick and 300 metre continuous swim. Children also learn about the dangers of open water, hypothermia and the performance of rescue breathing on children and adults. Click here to view our schedules.


Swimmers increase their distance on front and back crawl (100m), elementary back stroke (50m) and breast stroke (25m), learn sidestroke kick, perform head-first surface dive, and swim 400 metres continuously. Students also learn about making safe and smart decisions around water and ice, as well as self-rescue. Click here to view our schedules.


Swimmers learn sidestroke (25m), feet- and head-first surface dives, butterfly and scissor kick. Previously learned strokes are refined. Endurance is built through an increase in distance on front/back crawl (100m), elementary back stroke (50m) and breast stroke (50m). Swimmers also perform dolphin kick (vertical) and swim 500 metres continuously upon completion of this level. Furthermore, children learn about sun safety and rescuing others from ice.