What You Will Learn through Our Lifeguard Courses

Are you interested in becoming a lifeguard? It’s not an easy job. Becoming a lifeguard requires extensive knowledge of CPR, first aid, safety, swimming strokes, and more. Aqua Kids Swim School offers detailed lifeguard courses that will prepare you for all of the challenges that you may face when protecting the lives of swimmers at the pool.

In order to become a lifeguard, you must obtain specific certifications. These are achieved through lifeguard courses. Generally, a lifeguard is required to have a Bronze Medallion, a Bronze Cross, first aid with CPR-C and AED, have completed a National Life Guard Service (NLS), the completion of Advanced Aquatic Leadership Training (ALT), and a basic lifeguard program. Our swimming school offers access to all of these certifications through our advanced leadership and lifeguard courses.

The Bronze Medallion is a pivotal stepping stone for any aspiring lifeguard. This certification teaches a lifeguard four essential skills related to rescue education, judgment, knowledge, skill, and fitness.  Our lifeguard courses provide you with all of these skills. The Bronze Cross is an upgraded version of the Bronze Medallion. It allows a lifeguard to supervise larger aquatic facilities and to oversee larger aquatic emergencies. We offer lifeguard courses for both the Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross.

Becoming a lifeguard is a prestigious achievement. It shows that you are dedicated and committed to learning safety and that you have the ability to play an important role in tense situations. Lifeguard courses prepare you for the challenges of life through the skills that you learn.

Aqua Kids Swim School offers extensive lifeguard courses that will teach you all of the required skills to succeed as a lifeguard. Our lifeguard courses are offered to interested individuals throughout Toronto, Thornhill, the Vaughan Region, Richmond Hill, Concord, and the GTA. If you have any questions about our programs, do not hesitate to contact us.








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