The Importance of Lifeguards and the Skills Taught by Lifeguard Courses

Sometimes we take lifeguards for granted, but they are extremely important and they provide an invaluable service to our pools, oceans, and more. Each lifeguard must undergo strict lifeguard courses on their way to achieving certification. Aqua Kids Swim School provides these necessary lifeguard courses and we strive to provide lifeguards that you can trust.

A study conducted by the United States Lifesaving Association over a 10 year period revealed that fewer than 100 drowning’s occurred on sites manned by lifeguards and that 75 percent of these drowning’s happened while lifeguards were off-duty. Lifeguard courses pay dividends, don’t undervalue their importance as you cannot put value on a human life. In addition, the chances of drowning in water manned by a lifeguards trained through certified lifeguard courses is 1 in 18 million. We like those odds.

While lifeguards provide reactive actions, they also provide preventative actions. Our lifeguard courses value preventative actions. What does this mean? At the most basic level, it means preventing a problem from ever occurring. This could be as simple as stopping a child from running around the pool, identifying a weak swimmer early on, or stopping rough play in the pool. Total drowning’s per year, with a lifeguard on duty, account for only 1% of the yearly total. Much of this is due to the skills that lifeguards learn during their lifeguard courses.

Aqua Kids Swim School has been providing high quality lifeguard courses throughout Toronto, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Concord, the Vaughan Region, and the GTA for a very long time. We are committed to swimming, but we are equally committed to safety. Every child should feel the joys of swimming, but only if it can be accomplished in a safe manner. Our lifeguards put the safety in swimming through the skills they learn during our lifeguard courses.

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