Taking a Lifeguard Course Can Help Save Lives

Swimming has become a popular sport over the years, especially for kids, because it combines fun and exercise. To practice this sport you need to have taken swimming lessons and safety training to promote strong swimming skills to ensure your safety in the water.

Whether at the pool, the beach or the lake, having participated in a lifeguard course is valuable for many reasons.  Saving lives of others can sometimes put lifeguards in danger as well. By taking a lifeguard course, students can learn skills and knowledge that are basic elements for lifeguarding.

The leadership skills that are taught in our comprehensive lifeguard courses will enable your child to maintain and develop confidence as they grow into a leader.   Socially, peers benefit from our lifeguard courses as they learn in groups and practice social interaction which is a great preparation for adulthood.  Our atmosphere is encouraging and comfortable, with expectations of each child to meet his or her own full potential.

Swimming is a popular sport and a great form of exercise for children and adults. Children who take swimming lessons become confident, fit and active adults.  Children who take swim lessons as babies and youngsters benefit greatly from the exercise, socialization and skill they learn.  Many children enjoy all aspects of the lessons enough to allow them to consider continuing their swimming studies, and enroll in a lifeguard course.

At Aqua Kids Swim School, we offer comprehensive lifeguard courses to improve your swimming and to teach you lifesaving skills to help non-swimmers or those in trouble in and around the water. You can also use the knowledge and experience you gain from swimming and lifeguarding to increase the important life skills of responsibility and reliability.

Aqua Kids Swim School is a leader, offering a high standard lifeguard course, as well as fun and safe swimming lessons for kids and adults of all ages in Toronto and the GTA, as well as in Concord, Thornhill, Vaughan Region and Richmond Hill.

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