Swimming Lessons Provide Many Benefits

Swimming is a great way to stay fit or increase your fitness level.  It is a full body exercise that is not hard on joints and allows people from babies to adults to take part. All muscle groups are used in swimming, and recent research has shown that benefits of swimming are greater than in many other sports. Swimming lessons help your child maintain a healthier life, as it is an excellent cardiovascular workout that improves heart and lung health, as well as strength and flexibility. In addition, your child will increase her or his self-esteem and feel safer near water and become more independent. It is an extremely healthy activity to be involved in and will keep your child fit, healthy and active.

Swimming lessons improve brain development. When children are swimming, water motivates and stimulates the skin and nerves. Children use up a lot of energy from swimming and their emotions are steadier which helps them sleep better. Swimming lessons contribute to a stable foundation of development of toddlers.  Swimming can help resist disease and fosters a more gentle temperament.

Aqua Kids believes that all students need to learn in a positive environment. Our teaching philosophy is based on positive reinforcement with lots of smiles and encouragement, because swimming should be fun and enjoyable. At Aqua Kids Swim School we offer comprehensive swimming lessons in a very pleasant atmosphere. Our well-structured swimming lessons are specially designed for toddlers and school-aged children. At Aqua Kids Swim School, we offer different levels of swimming lessons, accommodating beginners as well as the more experienced swimmer. There is always a level that will suit the individual needs of a participant.

Aqua Kids Swim School has been an industry leader in providing swimming lessons to children of all ages since 1980. We have a diverse team with professional trainers and a positive learning environment for you and your child. We strive to make your child’s learning experience fun and creative.

Aqua Kids Swim School is a leading swimming school in Ontario. We teach swimming lessons to children of all ages in Toronto, the GTA, Thornhill, Vaughan Region, Richmond Hill, and Concord.

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