Increase your Career Possibilities with a Lifeguard Course

Do you like to swim and to help people? At Aqua Kids Swim School we offer lifeguard courses to help you combine the two.  In the lifeguard course we will teach you basic techniques of lifesaving and you will develop your sense of responsibility. After all, you are going to save lives, which is an important responsibility. You will also note how your self-confidence and leadership qualities grow throughout the lifeguard course.

An advantage of taking part in the lifeguard course of Aqua Kids Swim School is that you may find the opportunity to work as a lifeguard or a camp counselor. If you want to be a good lifeguard you would need to develop your leadership qualities. The development of these qualities as a teen or young adult will have lifetime benefits.

Before becoming a lifeguard there are some skills and steps that you have to acquire. Besides being a strong swimmer, as a lifeguard you must be trained in CPR and first aid. If you want to work in Canada as a lifeguard you also need to be certified by the Lifesaving Society of Canada or The Canadian Red Cross. You can obtain these certifications at Aqua Kids Swim School.

After taking the lifeguard course, career opportunities will open up. You will be able to work in a large range of placements, such as seasonal or part-time jobs at an aquatic center or local pools. You could even become a swim instructor. The lifeguard course opens a lot of doors.

The benefits of the lifeguard course are not only career related. Being a lifeguard you will gain numerous health benefits. You will also develop a capacity to communicate with your students at the same time that you become fit and healthy.

At Aqua Kids Swim School, we have been teaching students of all ages since 1980. We are a family run business that offers personalized service to all our customers. Our services are available in Toronto, Ontario, throughout the GTA, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Concord and Vaughan region.



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