How Swimming Lessons Help Children

With spring weather finally arriving and the fast approach of summer it will soon be time to hit the beach so knowing how to swim is a must. Regardless of age, it is never too late to learn how to swim, however the sooner you start the better. Young children are very eager to learn and tend to be fearless so they will learn to swim a lot quicker than when they are older. Therefore, enrolling your children in swimming lessons while they are young is very important.

Aqua Kids Swim School offers swimming lessons for all ages and levels. Children can start learning how to swim as young as the age of 6 months old. Starting with basic swimming skills such as arm and body movements, floating in the water, young children quickly progress to more advanced skills such as kicking, gliding and swimming.  

Swimming lessons are valuable for children of all ages as swimming is a wonderful form of exercise requiring the use of all muscle groups and a sport that can be practiced throughout one’s lifetime. The physical and emotional benefits of being an active child will continue through to adulthood. In addition, swimming lessons are an excellent way to improve social interactions. Learning how to swim in a group setting will increase the self-confidence and maturity of your child, while ensuring your child’s safety in and around the water. Knowing that your children are able to handle themselves in and around water gives parents peace of mind.

At Aqua Kids Swim School, our highly qualified instructors will help improve your swimming and teach you lifesaving skills to help non-swimmers or those in trouble in and around the water. You can also use the knowledge and experience you gain from swimming and lifeguarding to increase the important life skills of responsibility and reliability.

Aqua Kids Swim School offers fun and safe swimming lessons for kids and adults of all ages in Toronto and the GTA, as well as in Concord, Thornhill, Vaughan Region and Richmond Hill.

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