Avoid Becoming a Statistic: Take Swimming Lessons

Today we are looking at a set of statistics compiled by the Canadian Red Cross (CRC) and the results encourage parents to invest in swimming lessons for their children. You cannot put a value on human life, but there is definitely a value associated with swimming lessons. Aqua Kids Swim School doesn’t want your child to become a statistic. Enroll your children in our swimming lessons today.

The CRC study calculated that one in three children who drowned, were not supposed to be in the water to begin with. What do we read from this? If they had learned proper swimming skills through our swimming lessons, then these children would have had a higher chance of survival. Water related tragedies can be avoided if children are properly prepared to deal with them. The study also revealed that one in two parents believe that they can watch their children as they swim, but the majority of drowning’s are silent.

There was one statistic that stood out the most to us, their study revealed that a lowly 3 percent of kids who drowned claimed to be strong swimmers. A statistic like this doesn’t have to occur if children are prepared for swimming through suitable swimming lessons. Why take a chance? Swimming lessons are fun and they teach your children important skills that they will be able to use for their entire life.

If you are interested in taking a look at some of the statistics provided by the CRC, you can find them here: http://www.redcross.ca/crc/documents/What-We-Do/Swimming-Water-Safety/infographic-water-safety-week-2013.pdf

Aqua Kids Swim School provides comprehensive swimming lessons that will prepare your children for the water. Drowning related accidents can be prevented, so don’t take a chance, put your children in swimming lessons today and ensure that they are ready for all water related challenges. Our swimming school provides swimming lessons to children throughout Toronto, Thornhill, the Vaughan Region, Richmond Hill, Concord, and the GTA.




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